Representación, Canon y Music Encoding

Conferencia de la Dra. Anna Kijas sobre métodos y herramientas de la Music Encoding Inititive (MEI) impartida en la University of Maryland, el 24 de Mayo de 2018

During the last thirteen years or so since digital humanities has become commonplace on university campuses, in conference presentations, and publications, music encoding and digital musicology have also gained more interest amongst scholars, students, library and archives professionals. Funding bodies, such as the NEH, Mellon foundation, Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, and others, have supported digital music projects to encode musical corpora, build data models, create digital editions, and develop tools. Librarians, archivists, and other specialists have collaborated with scholars on many of these projects, have presented on the schemas, standards (musicXML, MEI) and encoding projects, and provided workshops or trainings at annual conferences, such as the Music Library Association or Digital Humanities.

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Fuente: Editors’ Choice: What does the data tell us? – Representation, Canon, and Music Encoding