The “Linked Texts” Working Group

Matteo Romanello y Hugh Cayless presentan un nuevo working group  «Linked Texts» esponsoreado por Pelagios Commons, creado con el objetivo de proveer de URIs confiables para textos y pasajes recolectados de repositorios existentes, y de acordar ontologías para representar metadatos y vínculos entre los textos.

Texts are problematic in their own special ways. They are both concepts (the idea of the Iliad, e.g.) and physical documents (The Venetus A manuscript of the Iliad). They may exist in a variety of physical end digital editions and translations. They may have one or more authors, and the nature and even existence of these (e.g. Homer) may be subject to debate. Further, texts (like physical places) have internal structures which we may want to point to (e.g. line 10 of the second book of the Iliad). And texts themselves make references to other texts and have internal cross-references and reuse each other in various ways.

Capturing and representing this kind of information on the web is problematic. Not so much because linking is hard—it is one of the basic functions of the world wide web after all—but because of a lack of agreed-upon standards for referencing even canonical texts with well-understood structures.

What is currently missing – and we will work towards in this working group – is to have fully resolvable URIs for citable passages of texts, linked to relevant resources like Perseus (catalog and library), the Classical World Knowledge Base (CWKB) and Initial work will focus on ancient Greek and Roman texts because of the foundations already laid in that area, but the Working Group will aim to expand beyond this focus.

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Source: The “Linked Texts” Working Group